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    Eagle Energy Core is a proud contributor to the production of oil and natural gas in the United States. The past century has demonstrated that oil and gas is essential to our nation’s infrastructure, and has a substantial influence on the economic growth and recovery of the U.S. Because of this, ensuring a stronger energy sector for America is central to Eagle Energy Core and its operations. The company is headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming and has producing assets throughout the U.S.

  • Why Oil and Natural Gas

    Why Oil and Natural Gas

    Both energy experts and economists agree that there is arguably no sector more integrated with the U.S. economy than the oil and natural gas industry. Oil and gas production supports 9.2 million jobs and delivers over $86 million to our federal government every day.  The industry has emerged as the top job creating sector in the United States and is providing oil and natural gas workers more attractive wages compared to other job sectors.  Moreover, advancements in drilling technology and production from shale have helped the United States reach its highest level of oil production in over 20 years, and are paving the way to U.S. energy independence.

  • Tax Advantages

    Tax Advantages

    Oil and natural gas earnings are a healthy benefit to the retirement security of millions of Americans. Roughly 97 percent of oil and natural gas shares in the United States are held by individual investors in the form of mutual funds, IRA’s and public or private pension plans. By establishing relationships with private land owners, Eagle Energy Core has secured a prosperous future for investors looking to take advantage of the hefty returns and active tax benefits the oil and natural gas industry provides. To learn about our current drilling project,  contact us today.